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A poem of great charm and, dare one suggest, some practical value. The advice offered may not align precisely with your own moral compass, but the central message is unimpeachable.


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A Lady’s Advice to Her Daughter

Eat your greens, my bonny lass, or else you’ll get the scurvy,
And love your little brother lots, though he drives you topsy-turvy,
Always worship hard backed books and line them on your shelf,
And always buy bone china cups and turn your back on delft.

Listen to what your teachers say, eat up your Brussels sprouts,
Bend over for the man next door and tone down all your shouts,
Salute the flag, the government, and Messers Marks & Spencer,
And suck on Valium and Codeine from your handy home dispenser.

Don’t be like common children and drink or go to raves,
And remember what made Britain great was the motto, don’t make waves.

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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