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A frip down memeroy lane to sixties, those halcion days of sex and drugs and rocka and roll.


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When I Became A Teenager In 1969

Donovan and Dylan were blowing in the wind,
The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, ready to rescind,
The Grateful Dead and Humble Pie and good old Tiny Tim,
And Jimi Hendrix just performed the American Battle Hymn.
David Bowie and Led Zepp,
Hadn't really happened yet,
Vinyl records, big and round,
Giving that old Dancette sound,
Baggy flares and saggy tops,
Jimmy Savile, Top of the Pops,
Mods and Rockers,
Girls with knockers,
Mini skirts and flowery pants,
Ho Chi Min our demo rant,
Woodstock, Red Sox, Bickershaw,
Oz magazine and Auberon Waugh,
Nylon shirts and kipper ties,
Vietnam and Nixon's lies,
Yeah, Tricky Dickey, hands all sticky,
Disneyland and that mouse Mickey,
Kinky boots and plastic shoes,
Australia trips and kangaroos,
Sixties zeitgeist, sixties sounds,
And all the crap that still abounds!

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