Are we there yet?

A funny poem about the Ramsbottoms' canal boat trip to the nirvana that is Southport.


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The Ramsbottoms Live Again

Early sun on Chorley water, canal barges slowly float,
And the whole Ramsbottom family, crammed upon a pleasure boat,
Pa Ramsbottom at the tiller, Mother poised to take a leak,
And the six Ramsbottom children, crying, Daddy, what a reek!

Heavy boats of coal and cotton, on the water, Salford bound,
Trying hard to get to Southport, the family R are lost, not found,
Daddy, Daddy, we want ice cream, the wee Ramsbottoms shrilly cry,
While Grandma shouts up from the cabin, Can I see sand before I die?

Pylons beckon, chimneys bellow, acrid smoke in summer air,
To a gentle children's chorus, Daddy, Daddy, are we there?

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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